It's the most-viewed page on your site...

How do you feel about your

ABOUT page?

It's time...

They're going to click on it...this is your chance to tell them what they need/WANT to hear.

With this workbook, template, and video guide you’ll be able to:

  • Write with personality
  • Tell your story using only the details that matter
  • Talk about what you do in a way that feels natural and authentic
  • Find your writing voice and sound like yourself
  • Develop a website About Page you can immediately load into your site and feel great about!
Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW, Counselor

“Amanda Berlin is amazing when it comes to teaching you how to write these materials. She has such vast experience, yet manages to teach it in an understandable way.”

You Will Discover:


An insider rundown of ABOUT Page DOs and DON'Ts. Get a clear understanding of what your ABOUT Page has to do so you can include the right details and tell the right story to really move your target audience. 


Include the RIGHT details and leave out the ones that matter less. Your story is what will create a relationship with your audience, but you need to craft that story strategically. I'll show you how.


It's not about you. Your ABOUT Page is about your business. I'll show you how to talk about your professional experience and the service or product you bring to your clients in the most strategically aligned way possible.


You'll do more than just brainstorm. I give you a proven template that will help you put the story of your life, experience, business and impact together in the most compelling way.

A Note From Amanda: 

For more than 10 years, I have been helping brands from recognizable consumer products to passion-powered, heart-driven small businesses and entrepreneurs tell the story that compels their prospective clients to buy. I've distilled this process into a robust workbook of questions and prompts with a template to help you compose your website's most compelling page. You won't feel lost or overwhelmed because I'm right there to guide you by way of the narrated video tutorial that accompanies the workbook and template. Let me help you tell the story your prospective clients need to hear. Let's tell them why you are the answer to their prayers.