What to Write for Your Homepage

The homepage is to your website what window displays are to Bloomingdales. This video contains a full training on how to write four elements that will entice the window shoppers to come inside and check out what you’ve got going on.

Have you ever needed help writing a tag line, mission statement or value proposition for your business? Now’s your chance to get guidance on all three (plus a short bio!) — with examples!

Be sure to leave a comment below with one of the pieces you write based off what you learn. Can’t wait to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “What to Write for Your Homepage”

  1. Business Name: It’s Never Too Late to Bloom
    Let Go and Grow: It’s Never Too Late to Bloom! (this is my favorite Tag Line)
    As a coach, my presence creates a sacred space for transformation; allowing seeds of strength, purpose, and power to flower fully so that my clients live as their authentic selves.
    How long have you been telling yourself you have to make a change?
    I listen; I ask thoughtful questions; you discover your true self…the change you want to be!
    You will learn to empower yourself, express your true self, and make choices for your own good and the good of all.
    Short Bio
    I was 35 when I awoke to the fact that I really didn’t know myself. I had a college education and a beautiful family. I thought I was in control, but in reality, I was being controlled by internal and external forces outside my awareness. I was blind to my self-destructive patterns. I was a people pleaser seeking other people’s approval. I manipulated others to get my needs met rather than use my voice in an empowering way and was afraid to let others see my insecurities. I needed to be right all the time. I wanted a fulfilling career and I began to notice that I was putting myself down a lot and had no sense that I could advocate for myself and achieve my desires. I was longing to feel seen, heard, and valued but felt powerless and stuck.
    After taking Transcendental Meditation training and becoming a member of a 12 Step program because I was unable to stabilize my weight, I became a seeker and have never stopped. That was 40 years ago. I am now connected to my true self and know why I am here: to help others connect to themselves and their purpose and to be a guide for their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. When I look, back I can see the Universe’s influence on my journey; how things that seemed insignificant when they happened prepared me for significant moments and new directions when I needed them. I have a doctorate in adult education and am a Certified Professional Coach. I’ve had a successful career in training and development and learned that it’s never too late to bloom.

    1. Barbara! This is so great! Thank you for sharing. This question, in particular, is so powerful: How long have you been telling yourself you have to make a change? And, sharing your vulnerability is really striking. The things you share are things that a lot of people (um, me!) will really identify with. I think that some of us — as you say! — are not aware how those things can really hold us back. So identifying them as things we might want to address and change in the specific way that you do is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Kudos! Thank you for writing!

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