Three Communication Truths

I’m so glad you’re here. This is the beginning of a week-long journey to unearth some fundamentals on writing better to support your business. Beyond that, it’s also about the TRANSFORMATIONAL experience of finding your voice and staking your claim in your sector.

In this video, you’ll learn three definitive truths of good communication that will help you write better. (PS your business needs you to hear this!)

You’ll also learn about how I ended up here, doing this work. (Hint: I’m grateful I now get to use my powers for good.)

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2 thoughts on “Three Communication Truths”

  1. I am really happy to hear how important narrative is to successful writing. That plays to a strength of mine. Question – how does one successfully inject humor into the story since it is written and not being told in person?

    1. Hi Margaret! Great to hear from you! I would definitely focus on how you would tell the story if you were speaking it. The old writing adage, “Write as you speak.” Don’t censor yourself. See if you can just write as you would tell the story to a friend. That’s what creates a relationship. Humor is so important. I completely advocate including it in your story if that’s native to your personality! Thank you for writing!

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