Expert Interview: Systemizing Your Expertise and Creating Your Signature System

Do you wish you weren’t creating programs from scratch every time you get a new client inquiry? Christine Parma has helped renowned experts the world-over package their expertise and market their brilliance.

In this conversation, we talk about the process by which you can figure out your system and develop a repeatable program to offer your unique genius.

Help your clients get from the problem they’re in to where they want to be.

Watch the training video here. 

Expert Interview: Jenny Fenig on Finding Your Tribe

I knew I wanted to bring Jenny Fenig into PITCH School because she is as much an expert in marketing as she is in coaching. She’s founder of the Get Gutsy coaching program and has built a tribe of many tens-of-thousands. She knows what she’s doing, fostering the growth of light-workers the world-over.

What I really wanted Jenny to enlighten us on were topics like:

How she runs an uber-successful coaching business while bridging the spiritual with the tactical
How she communicates the esoteric most effectively, while not losing people in the process
How she’s managed to build a super loyal tribe, finding people who embrace her message
How she stays super productive!

Find a link to Jenny’s Spiritual Business Leadership Mindmap, here.

And enjoy our conversation…

Expert Interview: Liz Lyons, Publish a Profitable Book

I wanted to interview Liz Lyons as part of PITCH School because we KNOW how powerful publishing can be to establishing credibility. Check out this interview to learn:

Why writing a book can support your business

How a writing a book can give you oodles of content to share

How a book enhances your reputation when pitching clients and pitching the media

Expert tips for getting started on the book-publishing journey

Ideas for publicizing a book once it’s written/published

Guest Expert: Stacey Harris on Using Social Media to Publicize Your Publicity

The head rock star of Hit the Mic Backstage — help business owners keep up with social media marketing while leaving the douchebaggary (her word! haha) behind. We got on the line to talk about: 

Some of the basics of social media: I asked her to tell us what she would advise if we were to “lay the foundation”

How social media and publicity dovetail: Using social media to give even more visibility to your media placements — particularly how to “publicize your publicity” on social media

How to be authentic in your social media outreach: Why it’s got to be about more than vanity metrics, the content on your profile is going to be your first impression when approaching people that way. Especially when you’re sharing what other media outlets have featured you.

Connecting with Journalists and Influencers: Social media is also a very effective way to connect with journalists and other influencers, so we could talk about how to make those connections, as well.

Social media as a publicity tactic all on its own: How to conquer your fear of putting yourself out there

Give us a watch, right here.

Write the Perfect 3-Line Bio

How did you feel the last time someone asked you for your bio? Are you consistently reinventing the wheel and writing from scratch, or digging back through old emails to find the last one you crafted? Once and for all, write a great bio you can stick with, and tweak appropriately for opportunities when they arise. Download this template, along with examples of great short bios, after which you can model your own.

Download the template guide here.