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Here’s the process: In six modules delivered weekly, with narrated slideshows, downloadable PDF worksheets, checklists and guides, we cover the following:

MODULE 1: Master Your StoryMODULE 1: Master Your Story

Write an About page that sounds authentically “you” and speaks directly to the people you are trying to serve.

After analyzing hundreds of effective About pages, I’ve created a process that guides you through an in-depth, fun and thought-provoking strategic brainstorm. Then, I lead you through the writing process so that you can craft an About page that sounds like you and communicates what’s necessary to grab your audience.

In this tutorial with five worksheets and 30+ prompts, you will home in on all the important details of your life, your work and your business. Then I’ll provide structure so you can compile all your thoughts into one powerful piece of content. You’ll know what to include, and what to leave out.

By the time you’re finished with Module 1 you’ll have copy for a compelling About page, a new way to describe what you do in conversation, and the through-line of your experience that shows you’re perfect to do what you’re doing today.

This module includes:

  • Insight on common mistakes you make when you talk about yourself
  • The key elements of a masterful personal narrative, from your personal to professional past to what you’re doing today
  • Guidance to spin your experience and edit yourself when talking about your personal and professional past
  • About page composition guide which will help you understand what your About page should communicate and how to write that page so it honors your journey, sounds like “you” and connects with the right people

MODULE 2: Package Your ServicesMODULE 2: Package Your Services

Have you found that people get on the phone with you and have no idea how you work? What do you need to write to accurately convey what you offer? What does your prospective client need to know about your services in order to get excited about working with you?

I’ll help you understand what your audience wants and needs to hear about what they get when they work with you. With that insight, I’ll help you develop your offerings and write your Services page. In this module, I guide you through generating a suite of services and writing your services page so it’s clear what you offer and what your client gets when she works with you.

This module includes:

  • Your “why:” Why you need to create a suite of offerings
  • Guidance to help you conceive your offers
  • Suggestions for scaling your offerings so your services are more inclusive and more people can benefit
  • Template for your services page so you know exactly how to word your offerings so they are all but irresistible

Module 3: Fun Fine PrintMODULE 3:  Fun Fine Print

How do you get people to actually click the call-to-action buttons on your site? Understand the science and research behind conversions! What do they need to know about privacy and terms and conditions? And what’s the best way to let them know that they encountered a useless link — that “404” copy?

This module is all about the copy you encounter all the time but have never thought about strategizing. In this module, I offer quick spins on creating impactful and straightforward copy. In some cases, it might be most important copy on your site.

This module includes:

  • The eight things your terms and conditions should cover
  • Insights on how to talk about privacy. You need to pay attention to this, especially if you monitor your analytics
  • Strategies on making the most of a broken or misspelled URL and using it to your advantage
  • Researched and proven tactics for making those “sign-up” buttons on your site irresistible

MODULE 4: What To Write About On Your BlogMODULE 4: What To Write About On Your Blog

Blogging is not what it used to be. Your blog is the mouthpiece for your business. Do you know how to use it to position yourself as a thought leader? Do you know how to come up with ideas on a consistent basis? Do you know how to position your ideas in a way that shows your expertise and serves your audience and your business?

Blogging effectively, and getting your words out there into the world, creates a pattern of consumption and encourages reciprocity. You are an expert. You have something valuable to contribute. Sharing your ideas will help your business and it will provide valuable insights, advice and information to your prospects and community.

This module includes:

  • The Never-Ending Idea Generator. Never fall victim to blank page anxiety again
  • More than 25 prompts to elicit more than a year’s worth of article content
  • Beyond ideas; the trick for making your articles super relevant to your unique audience

MODULE 5: Birthing An ArticleMODULE 5: Birthing An Article

Here’s where you learn what to do with all those ideas you just came up with. The first step is finding the hook; and it’s not that big wooden thing they use to drag you off stage if your skit is bombing at the talent show. The hook makes your ideas relevant to your audience. Learn how to develop it, how to make an idea into an article, and how to write a blog post in under 40 minutes.

This module includes:

  • A formula by which you can develop any idea into a valuable piece of editorial content
  • A quick go-to structure for your pieces
  • Tips and tricks for writing well
  • Advice on essential inclusions — the must have add-ons that encourage engagement and keep your people coming back for more

MODULE 6: Article Launch Plan, Newsletter And Social Media StrategyMODULE 6: Article Launch Plan, Newsletter And Social Media Strategy

You’ve done all the hard work of creating content that will truly serve your audience and the people you want to help. Now it’s time to get your words out there into the world.

In this module, I provide you with a step-by-step launch plan for all the content you write, including a newsletter strategy and a plan that will prevent social media from sucking your soul. You’ll never waste time on social media (unless you choose to) because you’ll have direction when you sign on and a clear vision of the kind of content you will want to post.

This module includes:

  • Advice on how to write your newsletter to encourage traffic back to your website
  • Tips for perpetuating interest in your content
  • Content ideas for what to post on social media
  • Insight on timing and “toning” your outreach to build anticipation for your content


Formula for Getting Excellent Testimonials:

There’s a way to elicit the best raves from your star clients. In this bonus, I give you the script. In this PDF reference sheet, I offer you ways to phrase the request and questions to ask to draw out the best possible praise.

Write your Website Homepage:

Your website homepage is to your business what the window displays are to Bloomingdales: entice the window-shoppers and get them to come inside. It needs to be pretty, but it also needs to be strategic. This bonus reference guide will show you how to write a tag line, a mission statement, a value proposition and an entertaining short bio, all options for homepage content.

Writing Personality Quiz:

In an effort to actually get good writing done, I want to figure out how your writing will happen so it’s not stressful and overwhelming. So in this PDF quiz, I help you bring the process down to earth, kick the “I can’t write” conversation to the curb, and get writing done so it doesn’t feel like torture.

Determine your “writing personality” with this proprietary quiz.

Best Practices from Content Mavens:

In pursuit of best practices, I’ve enlisted the insights of some spectacularly savvy and passionate service-based business owners. I approached these women because I believe they are on the cutting edge. They use content extremely well to strategically connect with their tribes and provide actionable, useful advice and content.

Experts featured in this Q&A themed e-book include Stacey Harris, Erin Stutland, Jenny Shih and Lori Fields.

Guest Post Pitch Guide:

This full bonus module, complete with narrated slideshow and grab-and-go pitch copy, walks you through the full guest post pitch process. I talk about how to find outlets to pitch. Then I guide you through ideation and lead development so your idea will that work for that particular outlet. I show you how to write the pitch. I’ve even developed a grab-and-go swiss cheese pitch into which you can just drop your information. And then all you have to do is contact the editor, fearlessly.

Bonuses from Contributing Experts:

Lisa MurrayLisa Murray, MDS Web Design: Lisa Murray is a web developer and designer whose goal is to make the web design process as easy as possible. In Build A Better Website How to Create a User-Friendly Website Your Audience Will Love, Lisa offers basic guidelines to follow to create a user-friendly website, a simple process to follow when you start working on your site, easy things you can do to improve your site right now and mistakes to avoid when putting yourself out there on the web. She also covers the basics in website layout and color choices, home page layout and navigation.

stacey-harrisStacey Harris, The Stacey Harris: This powerhouse online entrepreneur helps her clients reach rock star status with communities full of raving fans who follow them anywhere. She has a passion for building and being active in communities and teaching folks to use networking to build relationships that grow businesses. With a degree in audio engineering and a background finding bands to sign and feature on record label’s web radio, she returned to her web radio roots as the host of her own show Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris. She’s giving us insights and action steps for starting our very own podcasts. Five things you need to start your own show!

Lori FieldsLori Fields, Your Worthy Self: Lori Fields is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Entrepreneur and Personal Development Coach who focuses on “worthiness” or believing we are deserving as the linchpin for all our successes. Lori is a powerhouse. Her methods and language are alchemic! In this video bonus tutorial, Worthiness Delivers the Riches: The BIG Role Your Story of Deserving Plays in Your Success, Lori helps you unpack your beliefs about what’s possible for you and the ways in which you may be sabotaging yourself.