Guest Expert: Stacey Harris on Using Social Media to Publicize Your Publicity

The head rock star of Hit the Mic Backstage — help business owners keep up with social media marketing while leaving the douchebaggary (her word! haha) behind. We got on the line to talk about: 

Some of the basics of social media: I asked her to tell us what she would advise if we were to “lay the foundation”

How social media and publicity dovetail: Using social media to give even more visibility to your media placements — particularly how to “publicize your publicity” on social media

How to be authentic in your social media outreach: Why it’s got to be about more than vanity metrics, the content on your profile is going to be your first impression when approaching people that way. Especially when you’re sharing what other media outlets have featured you.

Connecting with Journalists and Influencers: Social media is also a very effective way to connect with journalists and other influencers, so we could talk about how to make those connections, as well.

Social media as a publicity tactic all on its own: How to conquer your fear of putting yourself out there

Give us a watch, right here.

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