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Obscurity is not a good look.

I can help you...

  • DRAMATICALLY increase awareness of your brand
  • IMMEDIATELY feel confident in what you're putting out there
  • INSTANTLY create credibility and trust by showing up in the right places
  • CONNECT and create relationships that translate into influence, growth, new clients and sales

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Sick of Seeing Your Colleagues and Competitors basking in the spotlight and growing their businesses exponentially? Why Not You?

You are tired of running around slightly aimless, not sure what to do to connect with the right people, in the right places, to get the exposure that will actually move the needle. 

Your business is actually going really well, but you're ready to up-level (there's that dream placement you're ready to snag or that weekly segment you know you could book). You know more strategic outreach and some publicity help could make the difference. 

You've secured interviews, then you've gotten flustered and felt like you bombed. Or worse, you're left wondering if the mic was even on because no one has shown up saying they saw or heard you on-air. 

You are tired of waiting around, and relying on hope, ​that people will magically find you, fall in love, subscribe to your list and become your client. That someday your investment in your training and years of expertise will pay off and you'll finally get the attention you deserve and know you can handle. 

You are ready for your business to finally take off.

You know publicity is the answer. ​

"It's time for you to get your ducks in a row, create all the right materials, develop a plan and to learn to pitch yourself and your business to the media."

Creating, pitching and delivering quality content is the answer. But how do you do it so it doesn't come across as desperate and beggy, irrelevant or spammy. Perpetrate any of these media pitching missteps...and it's welcome to the black-list.

Then, once you land the placement, write the article or get on the air, how do you deliver content that converts and interviews that truly connect. 

A single well-executed media placement can: 

Increase Awareness and Grow Your List

In a word, exposure. It's what you need to build a business. It's what you get when you pitch the media and score writing and interview opportunities. 

Position You as a Trusted Expert

We trust the media to present us with information and experts we can believe in.  Harness the power of the media to get your message out there and tout your expertise by offering valuable insight.

Create Connection and Inspire Conversion

Conversion depends on starting a conversation. That conversation begins with your initial pitch and thrives when you create relationships with television producers, editors and the public, who keep wanting more.

Silvia Solis

"My first guest post resulted in 1.6K likes..."

"As a result of Amanda's training, I was able to guest post on HuffPost and Wake Up World. Between both, my articles received 1.6K likes, which means it was seen by even more. I had no idea where to start writing good pitches. Working with Amanda helped me. Take advantage of her generosity!"

- Sylvia Solis (Relationship Coach)

Media Exposure Is Business Life-Blood

Now you can learn how to pitch from a seasoned, successful PR pitch writer, with 12 years of experience landing clients MARQUEE visibility.

Craft a story worthy of attention. Deftly pitch that story. Become the skilled spokesperson who can best tell this story. Deliver a compelling interview. Grow your business. Become an authority. Reach more people. Make a difference.    

PITCH School alumni have been featured in these outlets...and more.

 PITCH School Will Teach You:

What to Say and 

How to Say It

Learn the importance of developing a foundation for your publicity efforts so you are prepared for every opportunity.  Learn how to tell YOUR story so that it shows why people should care.

Who to Reach Out To

+ Ideas that Stick

We answer the tough questions: Who should I pitch and what should I pitch to them? Find unique, targeted, powerful outlets for your story, and come up with ideas that producers, editors and hosts want to run.

Get Your Byline, Learn to Pitch Print

In this lesson you will learn how to write effective pitches, who to send them to and how to increase your chances of getting a response. By the end of this lesson you will want to dive in and OWN the process.

Pitch TV and Podcasts Get Ready for

Your Close-Up

Learn the secrets for landing high impact broadcast exposure. Effectively pitch broadcast interviews including TV, Radio, online shows and podcasts. Get ready for your closeup!

Follow Up That Won't Make You Feel Needy

Learn tactics for effective follow-up that works and goes a long way toward creating RELATIONSHIPS with media contacts. They will thank you for reconnecting. 

Never "Bomb" Again: Media Training Tricks  From the Pros

Learn how to deliver polished content that editors will loveMedia train yourself so you never blow another interview. Make the most of your placements with tactics that convert readers, listeners, and viewers into fans, subscribers, and clients. 

"Thanks for the guidance on writing a winning pitch!"

- Don Olund (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Relationship Coach)
Dawn Gibson

"Amanda Berlin is amazing when it comes to teaching you how to write these materials."

"She has such vast experience, yet manages to teach it in an understandable way."

- Dawn K. Gibson (LCSW, Mind-Body Coach for Moms)
Dawn Gibson

"Amanda Berlin is a true content-writing genius."

- Kelly Lynn Adams (Business, Leadership and Life Coach, Founder of After-5 Club)

What You’ll Get...

Six Lessons Full of Knowledge, Insider Secrets, and Materials You Need to Confidently Put Yourself Out There, Become More Visible, and
Take a Stand for Your Brand
A Pitch Bank Full of Actual Real-Life Pitches that Have Worked in Securing Print Articles, Features, and Interviews on Podcasts, Radio and Television
Narrated Video Slideshows, Writable Workbooks, 4 Outlet-Specific Pitch Templates, Fill-in Follow-up Template, Media Training Checklist 
An Exclusive, Intimate, Private Facebook Group dedicated to sharing media contact, outlets ideas, pitch feedback, and more...

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Full Access to PITCH School

ONLY $275

A Note from Amanda: 

For twelve years I sat in a cube in an office at a PR firm in downtown Manhattan, helping big companies get bigger by being the loudest guy in the room. 

Now I use my powers for good because I help people like you, people who are working hard to put their good work out there into the world, connect with the people who need them

I invite you to join us and earn the media savvy that can seriously move the needle on your business. ​

​Raise your profile

Inspire credibility.

Take a stand for your brand.

Have you ever attempted to pitch the media outlet of your dreams with what you thought was a great idea for an article and ended up feeling like a novice stand-up on open mic night -- is this thing on???

Maybe you've even wondered if your efforts to write something great were worth it because...again...crickets.  

​Maybe you've gotten on the air and just totally...blown it.

We have solutions for you. Prompts to help you build your story, key messages and talking points. Tools for building your media list and coming up with ideas that stick. Templates for pitching articles in traditional print and online. Templates for pitching broadcast radio and television as well as podcasts. Tricks of the media training trade, to ensure you're prepared for your close-up. Strategies that WORK to convert readers and listeners into subscribers, fans and clients

Summary of What You’ll Get...

Instant Access to All Six Lessons in Pitching and Delivering Interviews and Content That Converts

Copies of Real World Pitches that Worked for Every Type of Media  

    Proven Templates to Successfully Pitch Media From Television to Radio to Podcasts to Print

     Admission to an Exclusive, Intimate, Private Facebook Group That Shares Contacts, Outlet Ideas, and Best Practices.  You don't have to go it alone.


    Two Personalized One-on-One Strategy and Training Sessions for Outlet and Pitch Idea Brainstorms, Media Training, and more...

    (One-On-One VIP Implementation, Only)

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    Full Access to PITCH School

    ONLY $275

    "The insights, tools and materials in PITCH School are exactly what helped me and my media relations team get our clients coverage on local and national television and radio over and over again.

    It's my greatest joy to share them with people like you who are putting good work out there into the world!"


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