Write the Perfect 3-Line Bio

How did you feel the last time someone asked you for your bio? Are you consistently reinventing the wheel and writing from scratch, or digging back through old emails to find the last one you crafted? Once and for all, write a great bio you can stick with, and tweak appropriately for opportunities when they arise. Download this template, along with examples of great short bios, after which you can model your own.

Download the template guide here.

Press Release Template

Press releases are excellent to clearly articulate “hard news” coming out of your business. You’ve got a launch, you’re adding a new service, you have a new product coming on line, or maybe you’re hosting an event. These are all great reasons to draft a press release. Grab your template to do just there, right here. Then, when you distribute, remember to include the press release AFTER writing a personalized note telling the journalist or influencer why you’re sending the press release (why is this relevant to them, in particular?).

Great work! Can’t wait to see your name in lights!

Get the press release template.


Podcast Template and Interview Success Secrets

Learn how to write a pitch podcasters can’t help but green-light and show up as
a guest they love, and want to have back on the show again and again! Download this template and guide to get your hands on the pitch that works time and time again, as well as tips for showing up prepared and natural as a guest.

Pitch Template Package

Get the 5 templates that will help you pitch print, television, radio and podcasts with confidence.

This simple guide will show you exactly what to write when approaching editors, producers, influencers, and podcasters to get featured, book interviews, and more, so you can start building relationships and securing media placements to promote your business.

One of our best-selling individual guides, this features templates for pitching television, radio, print, and podcasts to be interviewed or to write for outlets as a contributor.

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