Create Ideas for a Year’s Worth of Content

Banish blank page anxiety. Download this guide for prompts that will help you create a multitude of ideas to write about on your blog or record for podcast episodes. The idea here is to create a consistent stream of content that’s useful to your audience. Be prolific. Be a source of information. Be generous with your insight and expertise.

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Seven New Ways to Answer the Q, What Do You Do

It can be a conversation-starter, or a conversation killer. The point here is that being able to talk about what you do and tailoring your answer for your audience is absolutely essential if you are going to connect, and start building a relationship. Download this guide for seven new prompts for framing your expertise and what you do to help your clients, whether you provide a service or offer a product.


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Create Your About Page

One of the first steps in getting clear around what to say in your media outreach is building a strong foundation of message, purpose, and passion. Putting together the elements of your brand narrative will help you feel confident reaching out. Perhaps even more importantly, it will evoke confidence from the people you’re reaching out to, because you’ll be showing them exactly why you’re a compelling figure in your space. Download this guide for brainstorming and compiling your website About Page and you’ll get far more than web content. You’ll get clarity of purpose and message.

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Watch this guided tutorial for putting your brand narrative, and your About Page, together.